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  • August 9, 2019

Bitcoin Play has unfortunately been discontinued due to low playstore ratings.

If you have enjoyed playing the game and would like to see a new improved unbranded version drop us an email at . This will help us determine if there is enough demand to continue development.

The app as it is will function but with no ongoing competition. Any future reveue from plays will go to a charity.

From everyone involved in bringing you Bitcoin Play, we thank you all for playing and hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

We are awaiting the Advertising Revenue and will be contacting the winners via email shortly.

Scores are adjusted to 10 days play using player average.

Place Adjusted Score Username Winnings Payment
1st 47500 Mario805 TBC Pending
2nd 47236 ZackNizar88 TBC Pending
3rd 47127 buhsman TBC Pending
4th 46857 Gar13 TBC Pending
5th 46541 gmano TBC Pending
6th 46395 Nayeli TBC Pending
7th 46273 MUFC1999 TBC Pending
8th 46007 Sekar TBC Pending
9th 45884 jonnyace TBC Pending
10th 45726 shoaib TBC Pending
11th 45611 mbthedude TBC Pending
12th 45465 Ramesh TBC Pending
13th 45422 breaks3000 TBC Pending
14th 45261 Tenza TBC Pending
15th 44635 cryptoman777 TBC Pending
16th 44857 Zergui TBC Pending
17th 44317 gratisbitcoin TBC Pending
18th 44248 mikkay40 TBC Pending
19th 44206 jjmoneymaker TBC Pending
20th 44055 Dyonn TBC Pending
21st 43842 kristelletheo TBC Pending
22nd 43613 Mummy TBC Pending
23rd 43418 Tavernelli TBC Pending
24th 43505 edmund TBC Pending
25th 43336 obiwong TBC Pending