Month: September 2022

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Paying with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co

The Bitcoin logo is still very rarely seen in stores or at issuing points, in addition to the common credit card providers. But in Asian countries or even in El Salvador, where Bitcoin is considered an official means of payment, the acceptance is much higher. For many, cryptocurrencies are not simply “just” exciting investment opportunities,…

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How to make purchases with cryptocurrency

Bitcoin has been keeping the financial world busy since October 2008. The development of Bitcoin in recent years shows that the digital cryptocurrency has come to stay. Now the digital coin is on the threshold of becoming a recognized means of payment.   An important step out of the niche of the crypto market is the…

Bitcoin Play

How to pay with Bitcoin

If you want to pay for a coffee with your Bitcoins or order clothes online, you are usually looking in vain for merchants who accept cryptocurrencies. Because despite the enormous growth of the crypto market, digital money still has hardly any use cases in the real world. But this does not mean that you can…